U-Sky is an online community for creating and sharing curricula and teaching best practices. U-Sky:

  • Provides High Quality Free Resources – U-Sky contains over 5,00,000 free Digital Student lessons, units, assessments, and multimedia learning resources across all subject areas.
  • Empowers Educators – U-Sky’s free platform enables educators to build their own curriculum by assembling U-Sky resources, as well as their own, into collections.
  • Helps Eliminate the Education Divide – U-Sky originated from the idea that technology can play a crucial role in breaking down the barriers of the Education Divide – the gap between those who have access to high-quality education and those who do not. U-Sky helps bridge this divide by providing free and open resources to students in rural and inner cities Govt. Schools and teachers who need them most. U-Sky strives to eliminate digital divide, gender divide, urban-rural divide, class divide and more. The U-Sky community is composed of millions of users and hundreds of collaborative networking groups.
  • U-Sky believes Education is Human right and it has to be free – U-Sky believes Education alone can make the world better and solve most of its problems — a movement based around the idea that educational resources should be freely available for educators and students to use, mix, modify, and share.
  • Engages in Dynamic Partnerships with a Global Reach – U-Sky is working with partners across India (both Government and Private) to develop multilingual educational content that supports local education initiatives and goals.

U-Sky - SDP is a web platform offering skill courses for high school students to pick soft/life/career and higher education skills. These courses are offered as an after school supplemental program that can be registered thru our partner schools or for direct from home learning. Students can choose courses that best suit their interests, aptitude and personality. U-sky Skill Development Courses are bridge courses for high school students to facilitate a smooth transition into the next level academic and careers or their choosing.

U-Sky Courses are offered on our Learning Management System - virtual classroom, educational content, assessments, activities, projects, discussion forums, session scheduler, etc. to introduce, acquaint and impart skills proctored by experts in a highly structured time bound manner.

 U-Sky SDP is targeted only for High School Students to explore and excite them in the courses or careers that are aligned to their aptitude, personality and interests. MOOCs and Vocational training courses are for students in higher education segment. Unlike vocational courses, U-Sky SDP is meant for students to help decide on what higher education they should pursue. Taking these courses will facilitate a smooth transition for students into the courses and careers of their choosing.

Our virtual classroom offers skill courses developed by experts in each field. The material is exclusively tailored to suit students at the high school level. Our web based Learning Management System is simple to use and keeps track of all your activities and progress.

Getting started on U-Sky - SDP is easy and simple.

1.     Register to join U-Sky - SDP or if your school is a registered partner, you can register through your school.

2.     For guidance on what course to take schedule an online sessions with our counsellors by calling

3.     Once registered, just log into your Dashboard to see the skill courses you paid for. Next follow the calendar of activities.

You can always post any queries on the discussion forum or e-mail your instructor.


  • Step-1: To register in U-Sky go to Registration or by typing/copying the link www.usky.in in the URL bar in browser.
  • Step-2: Below the U-Sky search bar you will find the U-Sky products categorized under Government, School and Students (or) click on the toggle option in the header this will display all the products. Select the product by clicking on them.
  • Step-3: The user will be redirected to the product homepage you will get an option LogIn in the header click on it this will redirect you to login page.
  • Step-4: In login page click on Register button to go to registration page. Enter the details and then click on "JOIN NOW" button to finish registration.
  • Step-1: To purchase go to Search Course.
  • Step-2:Select a course by selecting on Start Course.This will direct you to course page.
  • Step-3:Course page shows the details of the course. Click on "Enroll to this Course" button.This will direct you to Login/Registration page.
  • Step-4:Fill the details in the Registration page and then click on Register Now button.
  • Step-5:The user will be directed to the Purchase page.Fill the details in Purchase page and click on "Make Payment" button to Purchase.
  • Step-1: To LogIn go to Login or by typing/copying the link www.usky.in the URL bar in browser.
  • Step-2: Below the U-Sky search bar you will find the U-Sky products categorized under Government, School and Students (or) click on the toggle option in the header this will display all the products. Select the product by clicking on them.
  • Step-3: The user will be redirected to the product homepage you will get an option SignIn in the header click on it this will redirect you to LogIn page.
  • Step-4: In LogIn page you have to enter the email and password of your account and then click on "LOGIN" button.

Yes, students have to register by paying directly on our portal by clicking the PURCHASE button. Students registering through our partner schools can make the payment directly in school as instructed by the school. Students can register for more than one course at the same time. However, basic level course completion is mandatory for registering into the advanced level of that course.

U-Sky Skill Development Platform offers Courses in different career clusters (IT, Health, Engineering, Business, Teaching, Research, General, etc.).

Each career cluster has several career paths or skill courses (for example: IT career cluster has 4 paths – Programming, Networking, Web Designing, Database Management).

Each skill development course is offered at 2 levels – Basic and Advanced. Basic course is for students up to 10th grade, advanced level course is for students in grades 11 and 12. However, student should complete basic level course or have proof of equivalence as a pre-requisite for registering into the advanced level course.

U-Sky Skill Development Course duration is for a period of 90 days.


You can select a course by typing the name or the keyword of the course in the “Search For a Course” search bar that you can find in the SDP page. Then click on the search button to display the list of courses with the name given. Then click on the “Start Course” button for the course you choose which will show you the details of the course. If you choose to select this particular course then click on the “Enroll to this Course” button which will show you the Registration details for the user to fill.

For Adding a course: Search for the course and then click on “Start Course” button then you will find the details about the course where you can just select the “Enroll to this course” button which will automatically add the course to your Dashboard.

If you are new first you must add the course to your dashboard. Then go to the course details page and go to “Topics” category which will display your content if you still can’t find your content please contact our Support team.

A. As an existing user when you logged into SDP you will find the list of courses that you already enrolled then select the “View Course” tag which will show you the details of the course. To the right of the page you will find the “Assesments”button click on it to get assessments.
B. If you have already logged in and cannot find the courses you enrolled then click on the “Dashboard” icon to the top which will show you the “My Courses” list then do the steps mentioned in (A).

You can find the instructor details to the left in the Course details page under Course image and author name. If the instructor has provided you with the email id please contact him.

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