How It Works

Step 1

To have access for courses in the Skill Development Platform (SDP), one has to register their details into the site, if you are an existing user then you should login to the site. After you finish your registration you will be directed to the subscription page where you have to subscribe.

  • Go to U-Sky portal and click on the app icon to the right of sign in icon and then select SDP icon.
  • Click on Log In if you are an existing user.
  • If you are a new user you can register by clicking on“Enroll”.

Step 2

Here you type the keyword /the name of the course you are interested in to search. You will find the search bar to the top if you are not in the search page. After typing the keyword click on Search button.

1. Type the keyword (or) Course name in the search bar

2. Click on “Search” button to search your courses.

Step 3
After step 2 your search results will be displayed like this image to the right.
Select the course you want by clicking on the "Start Course" button of the course. This will direct you to the Course details page.

Step 4

Course Details

Check if the Course Requisites are suitable for you.

After selecting the course you will be directed to the Course Details page here you can check the course details like Syllabus, Calendars, FAQs, etc. There will be a description of the course for the user .Check if these details satisfy your needs if so then you can click on the "Enroll to this Course"button.Here are some of the details

  • Requirements for this course.
  • Course duration .
  • Syllabus.
  • Faqs.
  • Testimonials.

Step 5

By default every product has a 1 year subscription plan. If at all it is provided for the demo the duration will be changed according to the coupon code provided.

Step 6


After subscribing you will be directed to your Dashboard page where you will find the list of courses you enrolled to. You will find them in "My Courses" category. Go to the course you selected and click on View Course.

Step 7

After step 6 you will be directed to the course page where you get access to the course dates, assessments, projects and materials.
Here you can get the overview of the course.

Step 8

Accessing the materials in Topics

Select the "Topics" button to the right below "Overview" button.This will show you list of resources.
Here you will find the materials in Multi-media format (text, video, spreadsheet, presentations).Just click on them to view them. If you want to upload a project just drag and drop them from your computer to your browser.

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